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What is My Fl’air Online all About?

At My Fl’air Online, we believe there is no shortcut to fitness, and no substitute for sweat. Created by a small group of aerial and business professionals, we wanted to bring quality information about aerials, flexibility, and fitness online and to those around the globe. We will help motivate you to put in the hours and work to get the results you want. Our videos are fun and relaxed, but will also push you to improve and increase your technique, strength, and flexibility.

Our tutorial videos should be used in conjunction with live coaching. We ask students of My Fl’air Online to pay attention to their limits and remember that saftey is the most imporant thing! Please read our Disclaimer and be sure to read all the terms and conditions before joining the My Fl’air Online community.  You don’t have to be strong or flexible when you sign up, but you sure as heck will be once we’re done with you. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!

My Fl’air Online Founder Keeva and her team have decades of knowledge as both artists and coaches. By utilizing this background, they combine their technical knowledge with practical experience to create unique training methods

Keeva Treanor

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Keeva is a classically trained ballerina, first at Dublin Ballet School, and then at th e Northern Ballet School in Manchester, England. After traveling the world as the professional dancer, Keeva fell in love with aerial arts and jump started her training by studying with former Olympians and Cirque du Soleil artists. By combining her love of dance and her love of aerial Keeva creates stunning routines as she dances through the air.

Most recently Keeva has been seen on Ireland’s Got Talent, as well as the face of Siemens in their international ad campaign “Winners” . Keeva has also danced and flown around the world, for companies such as FriedrichstadtPalast, KrystallPalast, The National Opera of Kiev, Benidorm Palace, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and more. Some of Keeva’s corporate clients include Helene Fischer, Four Seasons Hotel, Google, Warner Bros., Avicii, Birkenstock, and Samsung.

Keeva also made a name for herself on a national and international level as a coach for aerial acrobatics and flexibility training. Her love of teaching combined with the desire to offer people a better way and place to train is a huge asset to My Fl’air Online.