Fl’air studios

come to berlin!

Want to take your training to the next level? Come visit us in Berin, Germany at our studio that started it all: Fl’air Studios! We offer group classes in many different disciplines as well as private lessons with Keeva and Brennan. Berlin is also a great place to plan a train-cation; filled with culture, history, excursions, nightlife, and aerial training!

We are located in the heart of Berlin, right at the junction of Mitte, Kruezburg, and Friedrichshain neighborhoods. The historic Stadtbahnbogen (simplified: the archways under the train tracks) that houses our studio provides the height required for aerial work (6m) and the river Spree location provides a stunning backdrop for our training space. The first several months of Fl’air’s existence was spent beautifying: we wanted to create a clean space to train and create while also keeping to the historic and industrial roots of the building. We’ve kept as much brick exposed as we can, and have even repurposed the original windows to pay hommage to its past. Come pay us a visit and we think you’ll agree, it’s pretty unique and beautiful space!